What's alloy steel grit and its applications

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Alloy steel grit (bearing steel grit) is broken after using the bearing steel forging state direct quenching of steel grit production.Alloy steel grit main characteristics are as follows: alloy steel shot with moderate hardness, toughness, strong impact resistance ability, can use repeatedly, has the good elasticity and adhesion, clean up the workpiece intensity big, the technical effect is good, the processing of metal surface cleanliness can be up to international standards.   

Alloy steel grit is a new type of product, is to adopt the most advanced technology at home and abroad and developed new material and formula, the surface roughness of 25-100 um, thereby increasing the contact area on the surface of the metal, improve the coated surface adhesion, to refine metal surface strengthening metal structure, has the remarkable economic efficiency, steel shot is the most advanced at home and abroad, the most ideal cleaning blast, rust removal and strengthen of quality materials.

Currently in the world, alloy steel grit(bearing steel grit) is the best medias for cutting granite and marbles.

  • Copper shot for Casting
  • Slag Coagulant used for Casting Iron
  • Grit Blasting Media GH Steel Grit GH12 Used for Surface Pretreatment of Automotive High Strength Gears
  • Sandblasting Abrasives Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot SUS302 0.6mm for Surface Cleaning
  • Marble cutting Steel Grit
  • Bearing Steel Shot GP40

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