What's reinforcement steel shot

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Reinforcement steel shot for spray and strengthen the shotblast cleaning surface of metal parts.Main applications of aerospace, defense, military industry, nuclear industry, wind power industry, automobile, motorcycle, shipbuilding, transmission device, spring industry, and other areas of the industry, metal surface treatment. Strengthening steel shot toughness stronger, invulnerability to breakage and so long life, strong resistance to impact, can achieve faster in a short time spray (cast) shot intensity, can long maintain spray (cast) shot strength;In the process of using lower consumption, service life than ordinary 3 to 4 times the service life of the same specification.

  • StrenGHthen Shot Blasting Abrasivs S330
  • Blasting Stainless Steel Abrasives
  • Treated Stainless Steel Shot and Cut Wire for Surface Treament
  • Surface Treatment Shot Blasting Medias S110
  • Slag Remover / Foundry Perlite for Iron
  • Abrasive Media Glass Beads Grinding Blasting

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