What's shotblasting

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Steel shot blasting machine is used to complete the entire process, known as shot blasting, blasting is the use of high-speed rotating impeller pills for the small steel or iron casting out high speed impact parts surface, so it can remove the oxide layer on the surface of the parts.Pills for steel or iron, at the same time high speed impact parts surface, cause the deformation of lattice distortion on the surface of the parts, the surface hardness is higher, it is a kind of method to clean the surface of the metal parts, casting surface blasting are commonly used to clean up, or to strengthen the part surface.

Steel shot is a made of special material by special heat treatment of spherical particles, first melting quality of steel pieces, then use high pressure water.When used with the proper equipment, steel shot for durable, is your the best abrasive surface cleaning.

The role of steel shot, acting on the workpiece surface, make the surface of the workpiece as part of the coarse degree, makes the artifact as beautiful, or change the workpiece welding tensile stress to compressive stress, improve the service life of the workpiece.Can be used in most areas of mechanical production.

Steel shot is a kind of commonly used metal workpiece processing material, steel shot tightly organized, granularity and deal with the surface of metal workpiece with steel shot can have the effect of adding metal workpiece surface pressure, can well improve the anti-fatigue ability.Using steel shot processing metal surface have the characteristics of speediness, steel shot and steel shot have moderate strength, good elasticity, internal Angle and complex shape workpiece can be evenly clear quickly, shorten the time of surface treatment, improve the work efficiency, is a kind of very good surface treatment materials.

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