What's shotblasting?What siutations need to be blasted?

- Apr 10, 2018 -

What's shot blasting?And what siutations need to be blasted for those workpieces?

Shot blasting is also the name of a mechanical surface treatment process, similar to the process of sandblasting and blasting.Blasting is a cold treatment process, divided into blast cleaning and shot blasting, strengthening blast cleaning as the name implies is to remove impurities such as surface scale to improve the quality of appearance, blast strengthening is using high speed motion of the projectile (60-110 - m/s) flow continuous impact by strengthening the workpiece surface, force of target surface and the surface layer (0.10 0.85 mm) in the process of cyclical deformation occurred the following changes: the microstructure structure modification;The residual compressive stress is introduced into the outer surface of non-uniform plastic deformation, and the residual stress is produced in the inner surface.Surface roughness changes (Ra Rz).Influence: can improve material/parts fatigue fracture resistance, prevent fatigue failure, plastic deformation and brittle fracture, improve fatigue life.

Shot blasting makes the surface of the workpiece achieve a certain roughness, makes the workpiece beautiful, or changes the welding tension stress of the workpiece as the compressive stress, and improves the service life of the workpiece.By improving the roughness of the workpiece surface, the adhesion of the paint film is also improved.

Shot most of this process is almost used in mechanical field, such as shipbuilding and ship repairing, auto parts, aircraft parts, guns, tanks, Bridges, steel structures, surface glass, steel profiles, internal or external pipeline anticorrosion wall even road surface and so on industry.

For shot blasting medias,usually use steel shot china products and stainless steel shot china products.

  • Shipbuilding Abrasives S330
  • Marble Cutting Medias G25
  • Cast Steel Shot Ball
  • High Carbon Steel Shot
  • Bearing Steel Grit GH40
  • Supply SAE Standard Steel Shot

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