What's surface treatment of metals?

- Feb 22, 2018 -

Frandcom indistrial limited provides metal abrasives (steel shots,steel grits,steel cut wire shots,stainless steel shots etc) for surface treatment,like shotblasting,shot peening,sandblasting etc.We introduce some informations about surface treatment.

Mechanical surface treatment: sandblasting, shot blasting, polishing, polishing, polishing, painting, painting, painting, oil and so on.

Chemical surface treatment: blue-black, phosphating, pickling, chemical plating of various metals and alloys, TD processing, QPQ processing, chemical oxidation and so on.

Electrochemical surface treatment: anodic oxidation, electrochemical polishing, electroplating, etc.

Modern surface treatment: chemical vapor deposition CVD, physical vapor deposition PVD, ion implantation, ion plating, laser surface treatment, etc.

Pickling passivation treatment: refers to the metal parts into pickling passivation solution until the workpiece surface become even has silver can complete process, not only the simple operation, and low cost, pickling passivation solution can be recycled again and again.

Electrolytic polishing processing: refers to the electrolytic polishing technology is also called electrochemical polishing, refers to the workpiece on the electricity in the solution, in order to improve the smoothness of the metal surface, the machining process and make it produce gloss.Almost all metals can be polished by electrolysis, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, nickel alloy, etc., but the application of stainless steel is the most widely used.By using positive and negative current and electrolytic polishing solution, the microscopic geometry of the metal surface is improved, and the roughness of the metal surface is reduced.To achieve the purpose of smooth surface of workpiece.

  • Shot Peening Medias Steel Shot
  • Blasting Stainless Steel Abrasives
  • Aluminium Cut Wire Shot
  • Steel Shot S170
  • Bearing Steel Grit GH12
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP18

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