What' steel cut wire shot

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Steel cut wire shot is made with used steel wire,like Tyre bead wires or steel rope wires etc. Usually manufacturer collect some wire materials,then cut in production lines.

Normally available sizes including CW0.8mm,CW1.0mm,CW1.2mm,CW1.5mm,CW1.8mm,CW2.0mm,CW2.5mm,CW28mm,CW3.0mm etc.Its hardness from 35HRC to 55HRC.

Frandcom industrial limited offers all types steel cut wire and steel cut wire shot,stable quality and reasonable rates.

  • Metal Grain for Blasting
  • Alloy Abrasive Grit GH25
  • Steel Shot S660
  • Steel Shot S170
  • Steel Grit GP120
  • Steel Grit GP50

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