Which is better between bearing steel grit and steel cut wire shot

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Between bearing steel grits and steel wire cut shot, of course, bearing steel is better and durable.

Bearing steel grits is made of high strength and high toughness bearing steel, and the steel grit produced is excellent in strength, hardness, fatigue life and so on.Steel cut wire shot is generally use scrap steel wire rope and cut waste of bead wire, such as scrap steel wire or galvanized steel wire rope of the phosphating coating and tire steel wire, etc., use of strength and fatigue life are much worse than bearing steel grit.

So bearing steel grits ( Alloy steel grits) is your better choice during applicated to sandblasting and shotblasting.

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  • Steel Shot S550 for Surface Treatment
  • Steel Grit GP40
  • Steel Grit GH80
  • Bearing Steel Shot GP40
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