Why does the metal surface need shotblasting

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Why does the metal surface need shot blasting or shot peening?Let's check and see following opinions.

1. The metal surface is strengthened, and all aspects of the strengthened metal are obviously improved, such as the strengthening of the automobile plate spring.

2. Metal surface decorative projectiles, such as aluminum workpiece surface with small diameter stainless steel shot, good vision.

3. The cleaning of metal surface, such as the sand on the casting surface, can reveal the color of the material itself after blasting, and the anti-rust ability of the coating is obvious.

4. The steel plate, the rust, adhesion and welding coating of the steel plate are all cleaned up, and the coating and coating are the best preparation for the finishing process.

  • Cast Steel Shot S230
  • Metal Abrasive Medias G25 Grit
  • Stainless Steel Shot SUS304 0.3mm for Abrasives
  • China Good Supplier of Steel Shots
  • Steel Shot S280 for Shotblasting
  • Steel Grit GL14

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