With steel shot cleared sand on the surface of the workpiece material

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Scrap steel shot with a selection of raw materials, best ratio of rare metals and alloys, the electric furnace smelting, modern equipment into the steel grain production, and the electric heating processing, automatic screening for many times, in the process of liquid metal forming steel grit, its chemical composition and particle size are tightly controlled, to ensure their mechanical properties conform to a variety of purposes.In every production link has the most strict quality control, tightly organized within the production of steel shot, invulnerability to breakage and uniform particle size distribution, have moderate strength, impact resistance is strong, long service life.
According to the requirements of the car factory work, the use of steel plates, some casting are need polishing processing, but can not damage the shapes of the strength of the steel plate, the original, the shapes of casting parts to ensure the clean and beautiful.Because auto parts is not very rules, that would require different polishing machine to complete.Need to use shot blasting machine has: drum, turntable, crawler type, through type shot blasting cleaning machine, the different mechanical processing of the workpiece.
Steel balls are widely used in iron and steel workpiece to scale and rust removal treatment before, in this kind of situation often use centrifugal blast equipment.Ball shape and the hardness of small steel shot will have larger to equipment wear and tear.Steel balls are widely used in foundry industry, after the workpiece from the mold, steel balls to remove sand on the surface of the workpiece material.
Melting of high quality steel, and then use high-pressure water gun injection to form molten steel steel shot, steel formed by bolus reheating with homogeneous, and then quenching process.After quenching steel shot was dry and reheating tempering for the furnace to achieve proper hardness, tempering steel shot through mechanical screen after processing By screening accord with standard of SEA level for shot blasting equipment.

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