Foundery Used Steel Shot and Grit

Foundery Used Steel Shot and Grit

Cast steel shot and grit are both the good blasting materials,good blasting medias for castings surface treatment. Those casting parts including followings

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Cast steel-1.jpgCasting is a kind of metal hot processing technology which has been mastered by humans for about 6,000 years.Casting is a method of casting liquid metal into a casting cavity which is suitable for the shape of the part, and after it is cooled and solidified, to obtain the part or blank.The cast material is mostly solid but heated to liquid metal (e.g., copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc.), and the moulding material can be sand, metal or even ceramics.The methods used will vary depending on the requirements.

Cast steel shot and grit are both good blasting medias for following:

Common cast metal

1. Gray cast iron

2. Nodular cast iron

3. Malleable iron.

4. The cast steel

Common casting nonferrous metal.Melting.jpg

1. The brass

2. Tin bronze

3. Wuxi bronze

4. Aluminum alloy

Before its further processing,they must be blasted by steel shot and grit,like painting and galvanization etc.

production line.jpgFrandcom industrial limited always provide good and stable quality steel shot and grit to worldwide customers, strictly quality contorl not only to finished products but also to raw materials. For raw materials, we inspect usualy 3-5 tims for each time,random inspection from top side,bottom side,middle and corner side etc, inspected chemical compositions and some relative others. For finished products,we usually arrange random samples from production lines 3 times for each batch,test hardness,blow hole,chemical compostions etc.

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