Steel Grit for Sandblasting Machine

Steel Grit for Sandblasting Machine

For surface treatment of metallic parts,peoples usually use steel grit as blasting medias.Peoples use sandblasting machine with steel grit for sandblasting to treat metal surface.

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What's sandblasting machine?

steel gritSand blasting machine is the category of air conveying machinery.

It is the use of compressed air to transport the powder particles (diameter 0.1~4mm) from one place to another in the pipeline. In the process of transforming the kinetic energy into the potential energy, it makes the moving sand particles scour the surface of the object to improve the surface quality of the object.

steel gritThe during this step,qulaity of blasting medias are the most important.Frandcom industrial limited supply very good quality of steel grits,all types from G10 to G120,0.3mm to 2.5mm,GP type, GL type,GH type all available.Frandcom's products has better fatigue life,about 5-10% longer than others.Use this type meidas,you may get treat result of SA3.0 even better.Frandcom's quality is good and stable,being sold very well in worldwide markets,like Asia,Europe,American etc.Currently one new type-stainless steel grit is available,its fatigue life is higher about 30% than normal grits,welcome your inquiry.

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