Steel Shot

  • Steel Shot S70

    Steel Shot S70

    Steel shot S70 is made with good quality steel scraps with advanced technology and edged production lines.Its size is 0.2mm,quite smaller paticulars,speical...

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  • Steel Shot S1110

    Steel Shot S1110

    Steel shot is made with good quality steel scraps,usually available sizes from 0.3mm to 3.0mm,hardness from 40HRC to 50HRC. Frandcom industrial limited also...

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  • Steel Shots S330

    Steel Shots S330

    Steel shots S330 made with steel scraps with good quality,size is 1.0mm,hardness is about 45HRC,other specifications and compositions are as per SAE...

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  • Steel Shots S460

    Steel Shots S460

    Steel shots S460

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  • Steel Shots S280

    Steel Shots S280

    Frandcom industrial limited produce and supply SAE standard steel shots S280, size is 0.8mm, hardness is around 45HRC.All others including chemical...

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  • Steel Shots S110

    Steel Shots S110

    Steel shot S110 is with size of 0.3mm granulars,like as fine steel powders.With hardness of 42HRC,specially for surface treatment of precious parts,like...

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  • Steel Shots S170

    Steel Shots S170

    Steel shot S170,china best quality For some smaller alloy parts,like steel parts etc,normlly we use S170 for surface treatment,like use shotblasting etc....

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  • Steel Shot S780

    Steel Shot S780

    Steel shot S780 is good shotblasting medias for bigger steel parts. Frandcom's steel shots are all suitable for shotblasting,shotpeening etc.All types...

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  • SAE Standard Cast Steel Shot

    SAE Standard Cast Steel Shot

    Steel shot types: S70, S110, S130, S170, S230, S280, S330, S390, S460, S550, S660, S780, S930, S1110

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