Application Of Steel Cut Wire Shot

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Steel cut wire shot, as the name suggests is the use of steel wire cut into pellets. The steel wire cut pellets are made of selected raw material scrap, added with rare metals and the best matching alloy, smelted in an electric furnace, and transformed into steel pellets by modern equipment. After several times of electric heat treatment, they are automatically sieved to form steel pellets in the liquid metal , Its chemical composition, particle size are subject to strict control to ensure that its mechanical properties meet a variety of purposes.

Today wire cut pill is used in all walks of life, here to introduce steel cut pill in three kinds of industries.

Mold industry In general, the mold is more forging, and the mold itself requires lubrication, shot blasting finishing machinery can be based on different needs of the polishing process, will not damage the original shape and performance of the mold.

2. Shipyard. Steel wire cut pillows manufacturers to remind the shipyard steel rust, wire cut pill raw material quality will affect the quality of shipbuilding, it is impossible to take artificial except embroidery, so the workload will be great, which requires a machine can eradicate rust, To ensure the quality of shipbuilding, the series can be handled through the series;

3. Bearing Factory. Bearing is limited by the mold, the appearance of more lubrication, but sometimes there are still some impurities or burrs, wire cut pill manufacturers remind that this also requires finishing, then shot blasting finishing machinery come in handy.

These are wire cut pill in three kinds of industry applications, hoping to bring users to help.

  • 1.2mm Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot for Shot Blasting
  • Steel Shots S110
  • Grit Blasting Media GH Steel Grit GH12 Used for Surface Pretreatment of Automotive High Strength Gears
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL12
  • Cast Steel Shot with Stable Quality

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