Application Of Steel Sand Steel Pill In Sandblasting Industry

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Shot peening is the use of spherical objects on the workpiece surface high-speed impact of a cold processing technology. According to the relevant specifications, spherical objects are usually cast steel pills, pre-cast wire cut pills, ceramic balls or glass pills. The process is usually carried out in a closed space (such as a box or other similar enclosed space) so that the pellets can be recycled and recycled to control the dust they are discharged. Some of the power sources of the shot peening process are mechanical centrifugal ejection, or they can be powered by compressed air for pellets. The purpose of this process is to increase the surface strength of the workpiece to improve the surface fatigue life of the workpiece. Steel pill strengthening can also improve the resistance of the workpiece to corrosion. In some applications, steel pellet reinforcement is also used to change the shape of the workpiece in a controlled manner, which is called "steel shot forming".

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