Business Learning Which Is Held By MIC

- Apr 04, 2018 -

Yesterday, despite the abrupt change of weather, the temperature dropped by more than 10 degrees. It was very cold, but it did not stop us from studying in our business.At the learning scene, we have a very warm atmosphere. Unconsciously, we are full of energy and heat.

This business study, we invited Mr.Cai which is successful in import and export.Although he is not trained in collage, had not learned professional foreign trade, but he is good at study, diligently study, in a few years after graduation, went through untold hardships, imperceptible in, from working to others to set up own companies. Now he has several companies, three factories, annual sales of several hundred million of the entrepreneur.Mr.CAI always teaches us the experience which all from his own practice,all of them are very practical;And his explanation is very simple, the professional knowledge explanation is very easy to understand acceptance.All those is great helpful to us to our products steel shot china products.It was supposed to take three hours, and it took nearly four hours.We have benefited a lot, and thanks so much to Mr.CAI.

Through this study, we are deeply aware of our shortcomings and the areas we need to improve in our business of steel shot china products in the future. We will absorb this knowledge and make ourselves better.

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  • Blasting Media Steel Grit GL25
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