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- Mar 24, 2018 -

Steel grit China production,alloy steel grit china production

Frandcom industrial limited supply 2 kinds steel grits,both good quality. No.1 is cast steel grit, made with cast steel; No.2 is Alloy steel grit, made with bearing steel. Here we introduce some differents between them for your information and choosing.

1. The material is different.

We generally in the production, the alloy steel sand raw material is the choice of the bearing steel, but ordinary steel shot, steel grit are used for cast scrap steel.

2. Different process and equipment of heat treatment.

Alloy steel grit annealing process is adopted in accordance with the requirements of the annealing furnace, and isothermal quenching heating using box-type furnace, cooling by salt bath isothermal quenching, and the common steel shot, steel grit adopts roller tempering furnace, heat treatment and for air cooling, the craft that make different determines the quality of products in the process of using.

3. Differences in chemical composition.

1. The chemical elements of alloy steel grit include carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphine, sulfur, chromium, nickel, cobalt and other elements.

2. The chemical composition of ordinary steel grit is only carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphine, sulfur and so on.

4. Fatigue life is different: Alloy steel shot china products is quite higher, about 3000cycles; But cast steel grit's fatigue life is only about 2300cycles.

So you may choose what type steel grit china products for your application.If need any further details,please contact us.


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