China's Auto Industry Still Has A Few Hurdles To Overcome In The Face Of International Competition

- Jul 09, 2018 -

"Twenty years ago, China's auto industry was on a par with Chinese football and was not competitive internationally.But now, the Chinese auto industry is like the Asian team in this World Cup, and it has made great progress in all aspects.Dong Yang, executive vice President of the China association of automobile industry, commented on the development course of China's automobile industry at the press conference of the annual report on the development of China's automobile industry (2018).

2018 is an extraordinary year for the developing Chinese auto industry.On the one hand, a new round of scientific and technological revolution drives the comprehensive reconstruction of the automobile industry, bringing unprecedented strategic value.On the other hand, opening up to the outside world in an all-round way brings new opportunities and challenges.New requirements emerge in endlessly, new problems of ground out, how China first found in micro growth market environment of "base on China, contribution to the world" core competitiveness, is the next phase of the core proposition of the auto industry of China.

Conference, by the China association of automobile manufacturers, Toyota motor corp., China automotive technology research center organized experts by industry and related enterprises of the annual report to the development of China's auto industry (2018) "(hereinafter referred to as the" report ") officially released.

In the China association of automobile manufacturers at the same time, China's auto industry policy and development peak BBS (hereinafter referred to as the "peak BBS"), the competent departments of the auto industry, head of the related leaders, industry experts and enterprises such as the current macroeconomic environment and the future economic trends, the auto industry policy orientation, the development of the auto industry facing the opportunities and challenges, the future development of China's car market space, energy conservation and development of new energy vehicles industry hotspot theme speech, sustained and healthy development for China's auto industry.

China's auto industry opens a Pandora's box, according to industry data.

China's auto industry has been 65 years old since the founding of faw in 1953.Cars into the family, from 1994 to 1994 China's passenger car production surpassed the United States ranked first, the development of China's automobile industry an unprecedented speed, I am afraid, is enough to make "others".

According to China's auto industry association deputy secretary-general Ye Chengji, from the industry scale, in 2017 China's auto production and sales of 29.015 million and 28.879 million respectively, year-on-year growth of 3.2% and 3%, since 2013, has more than 20 million vehicles for five consecutive years, ranks first in the world.

In all market segments, China produced 2.4807 million passenger vehicles in 2017, up 1.6 percent year on year, accounting for 29.9 percent of the total passenger vehicle production in the world.China's passenger car production has been growing at an annual rate of 15.6 per cent since 2008 and has topped the list for nine consecutive years after overtaking Japan in 2009.

In terms of commercial vehicle production, China produced 4.209 million commercial vehicles, up 13.8 percent year on year, accounting for 32.8 percent of global commercial vehicle production.Among them, the medium-duty truck has ranked the first in the world for 11 consecutive years after it passed Japan in 2007.Since 2003, China has been the world's largest producer of passenger cars, with an annual growth rate of 5.1% since 2008.

"With the rapid growth of the industry, the international status of the auto industry of China has a substantial improvement, become an important part of the world automobile industry, and fundamentally changed the pattern of world automobile industry, has become a veritable world car manufacturer."Ye shengji said.

In the industry point of view, whether make a first jiefang truck faw, in 1983 the first santana car assembled car factory in Shanghai, "the introduction, absorption, innovation" is the "main melody" China automobile industry development.As a leading force in revitalizing the real economy, how to interpret the new role and mission of China's automobile industry is undoubtedly one of the focuses of the whole society.

The report points out that the automobile industry, as an important pillar industry of the national economy, has made a great contribution to the rapid development of the national economy.

"From the perspective of the automobile industry chain, it involves many industries and drives the development of many industries.Cars have a huge impact on upstream steel, petrochemicals, rubber, glass, electronics and downstream finance, insurance, maintenance, tourism, leasing, hotels and other industries.Ye shengji stressed that with the continuous development of automobile industry scale and product technology, and the continuous improvement of automobile industrial chain, the driving effect of automobile industry on upstream and downstream related industries will be continuously improved.

With the rapid development of China's automobile industry and related industries, the demand for labor force in the automobile industry will be higher and higher.Automobile industry is a comprehensive industrial assembly, a car is composed of tens of thousands of kinds of parts, components, each vehicle makers are nearly interrelated parts manufacturers, so the car industry has a close relationship with many industrial departments.

Statistics show that the number of people employed in China's auto-related industries has exceeded one-sixth of the total number of people employed in the society.And from the development trend, with the development of automobile industry, car industry staff accounted for the proportion of the national employment in cities and towns will be more and more big, each additional automobile industry production personnel 10 related personnel employment will increase.

Opportunities and challenges coexist. The automobile industry should "hold a group to keep warm".

On the supply side of the constant deepening of structural reform to fall to the ground, in the field of intelligent manufacturing in the automotive "new four modernizations" way to travel from the industry of refactoring, behind initiating change display of China's auto industry is the leading world the courage and confidence.

"We expect the Chinese car market to continue to grow steadily for another 10 to 15 years. Overall, the development prospect of China's auto industry outweighs the challenges."Peak BBS, the strategy of automobile industry and technology, tsinghua university institute, says Dr Liu Zongwei, "China will be on a global scale first to form a pattern of significant difference degree of the market, will affect all over the world."

Mr. Liu's views were echoed by many participants.In the view of Dr. Qiao handsome, a special researcher of the strategic center of the Chinese academy of engineering, China has unique advantages in building a strong automobile power.

"First of all, China's 1.4 billion people have an ever-increasing consumer demand, which will enable China to remain the world's largest car market for a long time to come.Secondly, China has technological and industrial advantages in some areas.At the same time, the continuous rise of the sharing economy and the digital economy has provided China with the development advantages of a new type of platform economy to build a powerful automobile country.Qiao thinks that China should build a strong car country with Chinese characteristics.The advanced experience of Europe, the United States and Japan can only be used for reference.

The reconstruction of the automobile industry has brought unprecedented opportunities and also provided China with the opportunity to overtake on another road.There are huge business opportunities in new energy, smart Internet connection, unmanned driving, big data, infrastructure, intelligent manufacturing of cars, business models and so on.In liu's opinion, the competitiveness of enterprises in the new era is more comprehensive.

"In the past, companies rely on the core technology and core products of farmland times gone forever, now in addition to have the technology, the products, also need to build the business model and coordination of resources and so on various aspects ability.""The connotation and extension of the core competitiveness of enterprises are undergoing a dramatic change," said Mr Liu.

Liu zongwei believes that in the process of industrial restructuring, the evolution direction of the new ecology of the automobile industry is the industrial platform company."Both the traditional car companies and the new car manufacturers have their own unique advantages, and the future winners will be the most effective assemblers."

To some extent, the challenge is always a derivative of opportunity.Faced with the new competitive situation, some people sing that "the world is so new and everything has not been named", while others sigh that "youth is over and history is over".Some companies have shown a determination to do something big in a stagnant field, while others have fallen into the fear of transformation of "staying the same and waiting to die".According to qiao, China's auto industry still has a lot of difficulties to overcome on its way from big to strong.

"Investment in research and development in China's car industry, for example, remains seriously inadequate."Qiao Yingjun, for example, "in 2017, part of corporate r&d input data at home and abroad, for example, China's top ten car companies r&d total boy is less than a third of the public, less than half the Toyota."

At the same time, on the technology introduction and absorption, the proportion of China's technology introduction and digestion and absorption is 8:1, namely to introduce China to abroad technique 8 part 1 only for absorption, the proportion of South Korea and Japan is 1:5 to 1:8."Without investment and introduction, there will be no core technology," he told reporters.

New energy vehicles need to do more to break the "no emissions reduction" 

New energy vehicles remain one of the hottest topics at BBS.On the one hand, by the end of 2017, the number of new energy vehicles in China has increased by 50% to 1.53 million, and the national strategy for new energy vehicles has been further implemented.On the other hand, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, under the high ratio of coal power, the question of whether new energy vehicles are really environmental protection has also caused some disputes.

"For the emission of electric vehicles, we should not use the methods of fuel vehicle exhaust detection in the past, but establish a whole life cycle emission assessment system.""When it comes to whether electric vehicles are really conducive to air pollution control, we need to answer the question objectively," said wang binggang, head of the national expert group on new energy automobile innovation project.

Wang Binggang revealed to A grade passenger car as an example, according to the electric car with petrol car fuel cycle carbon preliminary comparison results, the electric car emissions of carbon dioxide is about half of the petrol car;One-third of the air pollutants (hydrocarbons, carbides, nitrogen oxides, particulates, etc.) in electric vehicles are gasoline vehicles.

At the same time, according to China's 13th five-year plan for electric power development, by 2020, about 39 percent of non-fossil energy generating capacity and 31 percent of electricity generating capacity will be generated.The proportion of installed gas and electricity has exceeded 5%, while that of coal has fallen to about 55%.Coal is expected to account for less than 40 per cent of total electricity generation by 2040, down from two-thirds in 2016.

"The carbon emission factors of electric vehicles will change with the changes in the energy structure of electric power and the upgrading of power plant emission technology.""Said wang.

It is worth mentioning that in 2020, the subsidy for the purchase of pure electric vehicles by individuals will be completely eliminated, when the new energy vehicles will compete with the fuel vehicles head-on.In Mr. Wang's view, the development of new energy vehicles will shift from financial subsidies to environmental protection and market orientation in the future.

For example, at the manufacturing end, double points management, science and technology innovation project support, infrastructure incentive policies, etc.In the use of end, expanded "new energy vehicles, no row is restricted, not to be" the number of cities, using tax preferential for new energy vehicles, subsidies for public domain electric cars running opportunities, etc."Continue to promote the development of new energy vehicles at the manufacturing and use ends."

In China automotive engineering research institute co., LTD., vice general manager of Zhou Zhou view, from the automotive industry overall consideration, in the face of the pressure of environmental protection, new energy vehicles is not the only option, fuel-efficient cars and new energy vehicles to principle of "".

"Traditional fuel vehicles still have great potential to save oil, and internal combustion engine power will continue to occupy the market for a long time from the domestic market and the trend of major international car companies.""Zhou said.

According to zhou zhou's analysis, by 2030, China's internal combustion power will still account for about 75% of the total volume.Meanwhile, the energy saving potential of conventional fuel vehicles is more than 30%.

"Research core components technology, in-depth excavation of the passenger car and energy saving potential, expand the scale of the hybrid, and the application of alternative fuels, car product technical means such as structural adjustment should be more measures simultaneously."Zhou said.

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