Cleaning Capacity Of Steel Shot

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Steel shots have strong adhesion, clean up the speed is high with low consumption,not broken easily, clean up the workpiece brightness, technical effect is good, the steel surface treatment of metal surface cleanliness up to international standards.

     Surface roughness of 25 - 100um, thereby increasing the metal surface of the contact surface, improve the surface adhesion of the smear, the metal surface to strengthen the metal structure, has a very significant economic benefits, is the most advanced at home and abroad, The best cleaning of the thrown, rust and strengthen the quality of materials.

  • StrenGHthen Shot Blasting Abrasivs S330
  • Metal Sandblasting Medias G120
  • Blasting Media Steel Grit GH25
  • Steel Grits G18
  • Steel Cut Wire 1.2mm
  • White Fused Alumina

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