Cost Materials Is Now Keep Going Up

- Mar 23, 2018 -

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During Feb.2018,cost materials including steel scraps,alloy steels etc are all keep going up.From beginning of 2018,cost has increased about 20% than end of 2017.And now cost materials is still going up...

The reasons we believe are some abnormal factors:1)demands of raw materials increased too much:from end of 2017,many manuturers competed to buy up available stocks,at that time,price started to inreased.Till now it is still keep the same situations.2)Some political factors,like Chinese government affairs etc,some small to medium materials supplier temporary closed,result in supplying is very weak,price inreased too much higher.

Some words from unknown sources price will increase for some time till June,so we suggest customers check your stocks in warehouse and make some plans for your markets.

This is some viewpoints from Frandcom industrial limited,aboves just for your reference.We welcome your enquiry and orders.

  • Rounded Aluminum Abrasive Medias
  • Steel Shots S660
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot for Shot Blasting
  • Steel Shot for Shotblasting
  • Steel Grit GL10
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP50

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