Effect Of Carbide Content Of Alloy On Shot Blasting Of Shot Blasting Machine

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Shot Blasting Machine The steel pellet material or grit contains chrome, molybdenum or tungsten, where the elements themselves are very high or the carbon content is very low, it may form intermetallic compounds such as sigma equal. The formation of vegetables husband (Lave) phase. The relationship between the Sigma and the abrasion resistance is rarely studied. Leff phase is a hexagonal structure, in the molybdenum-containing iron-based metal materials, the hardness of the Lev phase with the M3c type carbide, about HV1 000 ~ 1 300. Studies have shown that the relative resistance of rape to the impact of matrix tissue. (0.05% carbon, 4.5% chromium, 12% molybdenum and 14% chromium) may be subjected to 1180 ° C austenitic oil quenching and 540 ° C in a molybdenum-containing steel shot or company Tempering twice and the formation of tempered martensite, and by the vegetable husband phase precipitation strengthening, the hardness of HRc64, but the wear test showed that under the same test conditions, the volume of wear but higher than the lower hardness of carbon tool steel. If the matrix structure is a face-centered cubic structure, such as some austenitic stainless steel and pin base or base alloy, the use of Levite phase can improve wear resistance.

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