Evaluations Of Indian Marekt Of Steel Shots And Steel Grits

- Sep 03, 2018 -

India is the largest country in the South Asian continent, currently belonging to the developing countries, the national infrastructure is in the process of vigorous construction.

We visited some cities including Delhi, Rojkot,Mumbai and Nagpur etc, got so many valuable informations and some potential customers.india castings.jpg

According to past experience and informations from our friends, Indian customers are very good at bargaining, and sometimes unreasonable bargaining, many times Chinese buyers are confused, do not know how to continue to talk business. Before we went to India, we also made some psychological preparations. But when we actually met and talked to some customers for the first time, we found that they were very modest and honest when talking to us face-to-face, and bargaining on the price was very reasonable. Maybe they are touched by our honest and visting them from long way. We even believe this is the best conversations with customers all over the world.

We hope we can establish long term business relations with all of those customers on mutual benefits, and we hope to see each other again in nature future.

india customers.jpg

All good luck to them!

  • Shot Blasting Steel Grit GL14 for Used for Surface Pretreatment of Steel Pipes
  • Angular Steel Grit
  • Pipeline Used Steel Shot
  • Steel Grit For Descaling And Derusting
  • Steel Shot Blasted Forging Parts
  • Bearing Steel Grit GH25

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