Export Shot Blasting Machine Steel Shot Steel Pill Steel Sand Precautions

- Aug 01, 2017 -

1. As the export shot blasting machine steel shot grit in the circulation process of the number of times more than the number of domestic and foreign sales of goods, so the steel pill steel sand packaging should have more stringent drop and impact capacity.

 2. If the steel shot steel exports to the island, the export of steel balls steel sand should be able to adapt to the requirements of sea and air, to have the appropriate pressure.

Export shot blasting machine steel ball steel sand packaging materials and packaging technology are much more stringent than the domestic packaging. The main reasons are as follows:

①, the export of steel shot steel sand transport distance;

②, the export of steel balls steel sand transport to use a variety of means of transport and transport methods;

③, it is generally not easy to grasp in advance the steel ball steel products will be used what transport and transport methods;

④, the country's loading and unloading methods, means of transport and handling machinery is very different, which is difficult to export countries around;

⑤, countries of the climate and customs are different;

⑥, steel shot grit broken, it is difficult to quickly provide spare goods on the export of steel balls steel products to give special protection, which may be caused by export shot blasting machine steel shot sand is prone to excessive packaging an important reason. But the current foreign information is not difficult to obtain, the arrival of the transport of the real state can gradually understand, so now are in line with the local reality to achieve a reasonable package.

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