How Does Stainless Steel Pills Distinguish Between Good And Bad Quality?

- Aug 01, 2017 -

First, in terms of conditional laboratory units, chemical testing can be used to determine whether the chromium content is less than 11.5%, such as less than 11.5%, its internal organization has undergone fundamental changes can not be called stainless steel balls , Has no stainless steel pill contains the characteristics, do not have the rust, acid, alkali resistance and wear resistance and so on. Shandong Song Huai production of 410,430 and 304 stainless steel balls are in line with the characteristics of stainless steel pill elements, different from the market of stainless steel pills.

Second, for those who have no chemical test conditions in terms of it, you can simply use copper sulfate solution of sulfuric acid soaked stainless steel pills to observe whether the soaked stainless steel balls are black or rusty, if not, indicating that the quality of stainless steel balls Well, not mixed with poor quality raw materials.

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