Indian Customers Visited Our Factory

- Jan 31, 2018 -

News released as one Indian customer visited our factorty on Jan.27th.

They are one of the bigger importer at indian market for steel shots and steel grits,also included steel cut wire shots.They visited our workshops,production lines and warehouse etc.Especially give most interests to tempering and quenching,they request more about hardness and fatigue life etc.

After visiting,they are satisfied with our products and all other services,even we have talked about further cooperations between us.

We welcome to visit us again in near future.

  • Marble Cutting Medias G25
  • Steel Shots S280
  • Slag Coagulant used for Casting Iron
  • Steel Grit GP120
  • Steel Grit GH14
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL40

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