Introduction Of Steel Balls

- Aug 01, 2017 -

First, melt high-quality steel, wool, steel scrap, and then use the centrifugal plate high-speed centrifugal molding of molten steel into the water, so that the rapid decline in the surface temperature of the formation of pellets, which is a quenching. The pellets after a quenching are dried and reheated and tempered in the furnace to achieve the desired hardness. The tempered steel balls are sorted by mechanical screens to different grades of SAE-compliant products for shot peening equipment.

The excellent heat treatment control process gives the best flexibility and fatigue resistance of steel balls. Steel balls of different particle sizes and hardness are suitable for use in different processes such as shot peening for extensive use in large quantities and heavy parts or materials.

Steel balls are widely used in the descending and descaling of steel workpieces, where centrifugal shot blasting equipment is often used. The shape of the ball and the smaller hardness of the steel shot will not produce greater wear on the equipment.

  • Abrasives Cast Steel Shot Ball S110 0.3mm for Treatment of Precision Castings
  • Sand Blasting Abrasive Materials GP16 Cast Steel Grit for Surface Treatment of Steel Sheet
  • Shot Blasting Steel Grit GL14 for Used for Surface Pretreatment of Steel Pipes
  • Made from Steel Wire Ropes, Good Blasting Medias Carbon Steel Cut Shot for Polishing, Surface Treatment, Cleaning Before Painting, Galvanizing
  • Good Blasting Media Steel Cut Shot for Polishing Before Painting
  • Rounded Aluminum Shots Abrasive Used for Shot Blasting Machine

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