What Kind Of Steel Shot Is Used In Shot Blasting Machine?

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Steel Shot Blasting
Usually,  the hardness of steel shot can be improved to HRC40 ~ 60. It can be used in processing hard metal. It is widely applied in shot blasting machine because of its excellent toughness and long service life.

Cast Iron Shot Blasting
The hardness of cast iron shot is HRC58-70. Cast iron shot is too brittle to be broken easily, so the service life is short. It is mainly applied in the processing of high shot peening strength requirements.

Glass Bead Peening
The hardness of glass beads is less than the previous two kinds of steel shot, which is mainly used in processing stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium, and other situation excluding iron pollution. Also, glass bead can be used in secondary surface treatment after 
steel shot blasting in the purpose of removing the iron pollution and reducing the roughness of workpiece surface.

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