How To Select Shot Blasting Machine For Different Workpieces?

- Sep 06, 2017 -

1. Generally speaking, the effect of shot blasting depends on parts material and the abrasive. According to different parts material, shot blasting abrasive range from the strong metal abrasive to the soft resin abrasive.

2. The equipment type is determined by production efficiency: according to the processing ability. If it is the surface treatment for large quantities of workpiece, automatic shot blasting machine or semi-automatic shot blasting machine is recommended to use. If that is for small batch, people can consider using manual shot blasting machine.

3. The equipment specification is determined by the size of workpiece: according to the size of workpiece to select room size. It is recommend that choosing belt automatic shot blasting machine or through conveyor shot blasting machine for small workpiece, adopting mobile open type shot blasting machine for large-size workpiece, using automatic conveyor type shot blasting machine for plate type workpiece, selecting intermittent rotary table shot blasting machine for circular or cylindrical type workpiece.

4. Requirements for compressed air: to determine the capacity of air compressor according to equipment specifications, and to leave 20% allowance for ensuring the service life of air compressor.

  • Steel Shots S460
  • Alloy Steel Grit (Bearing Steel Grit)
  • Angular Steel Grit
  • Steel Grit GH50
  • Steel Grit GP16
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP14

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