Our New Product-Bearing Steel Grit

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Our new production line, specializing in the producte bearing steel grit, the production process: bearing sets, bearing steel raw materials - to achieve a certain hardness quenching - using crusher directly to the broken - tempering to the appropriate hardness - the type of screening (Coarse sun) - fine fine filter - bearing steel officially listed.

The advantage of bearing steel grit: the use of bearing steel directly broken to ensure that the bearing steel unique physical properties, high hardness, good wear resistance, fine metallurgical organization evenly. Bearing steel sand hardness of up to 65HRC or so, is the granite cutting and cold roll surface treatment of the best products

  • Steel Shots S460
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot1.2mm for Surface Preparation
  • 0.6mm Zinc Shot
  • Steel Grit GL25
  • Steel Grit GL14
  • Steel Grit GL10

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