Selection Of Raw Materials For Steel Grit

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Each production link has the most stringent quality management, the production of shotcrete internal arrangements close, not broken, particle size distribution, with the appropriate hardness, impact resistance, long life, follow the sand "sand must be the first pill "Procedures, must be required by melting, casting defects and more, is high energy consumption, the production process of high-pollution goods.

Steel Grit selection of selected scrap raw materials, increase the optimal ratio of rare metals and alloys, the smelting furnace, the modernization of equipment produced into steel particles, and after repeated heat treatment, take the initiative to select, in the liquid metal to form the process of steel particles, Its chemical composition, particle size are subject to strict control, in order to ensure its mechanical properties fit a variety of uses.

       Direct use of raw materials scrap steel grit preparation process: the material is high carbon steel or alloy steel scrap steel, quenching equipment into the quenching; scrap steel material after heating and quenching crusher to obtain steel Sand semi-finished products; steel sand semi-finished products screening classification, that is, finished steel grit.

  • Cast Steel Shots S660
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot 1.5mm for Shot Blasting
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Steel Shot for Sandblasting
  • Bearing Steel Shot GP40
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL80

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