Shock! Maersk, The Container Ship That Rescued 113 Refugees, Was Hijacked And Unable To Sail Properly!

- Jun 27, 2018 -

The Alexander Maersk, a ship owned by Maersk line, is said to have rescued 113 refugees off the coast of southern Italy.


Maersk has increasingly been helping migrants and asylum-seekers at sea in recent years."When our ships are asked for help, we always take it very seriously, as has happened so often in recent years, and this is not the first time Alexander Maersk has intervened.""Said Elbek Linnet, a head of maersk, to the media.

The shipping industry is directly affected by migration from the sea, especially considering that under the international convention on the safety of life at sea, a merchant ship captain must rescue the dead.According to the regulation, these people should be transferred to a safe harbor.

Maersk line said it was entering Malta from Al Khoms in Libya after receiving a request from Italy's Rome maritime rescue coordination center to change course to assist in the search.

But it is understood that the Alexander Maersk is currently in the sea off Pozzallo in Sicily and is awaiting further instructions from authorities.

The Danish media Finan reported that Italian authorities had helped a pregnant woman and four children ashore, while the rest of the migrants and crew were awaiting further decisions.

What's worse, Salvini has closed its port and abandoned the refugees it rescued in the Mediterranean. The Danish shipping association responded to Italy's statement that it would not accept refugees.Asylum seekers should be sent back to Libya, not rescued by ngos, according to Italy's interior minister, matteo sereni.

It was supposed to be an act of praise, but Alexander M?RSK and other merchant rescue refugees, now become a very thorny problem, on the one hand, they are responsible for the welfare of the immigration and asylum seekers, because they are constrained by international law to rescue them.On the other hand, these boats must now wait for the migrants to be able to land.


We maintain that it is not right that merchant vessels are taken hostage in such a conflict, and We also ask a solution so that Alexander M?RSK can offload these migrants as soon as possible.


Maria Skipper Schwen, Danish shipping director, said: "we believe it is wrong for merchant ships to be hijacked in this conflict, so we are also waiting for a solution for Alexander M?RSK can unload these migrants as soon as possible.

Danish shipping wants the eu to solve the problem.A few weeks ago, after a sister group, ICS, criticised the eu after Italy, Malta refused to accept the 629 refugees rescued from the Mediterranean on the MV Aquarius.

After days of uncertainty, the MV Aquarius was able to unload refugees in Spain, sparking an international debate about the responsibilities of eu countries

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