Steel Car Steel Wheels Products Imported From China Has Caused Damage To American Producers.

- May 12, 2018 -

Reuters Washington May 10th, the United States international trade commission said on Thursday that the preliminary preliminary determination, steel car steel wheels products imported from China has caused damage to domestic producers.

The move comes after the us Commerce Department announced last month that it had launched anti-dumping and countervailing investigations into steel wheel products made in China.

Due to two American companies - and solid pull (Accuride Corp) and Ma Kexun (Maxion Wheels Akron LLC) on March 27 initiated trade complaints against Chinese steel wheel, initiated the Commerce Department said that the "double reverse" survey is a response to the above complaint.It is estimated that the dumping margin of the above products is 12.1% to 231.7%. In 2017, the total amount of automobile steel wheels imported from China is us $388 million.

The Commerce Department will continue to push for a double - counter investigation, as the U.S. international trade commission believes the U.S. industry has been hurt by imports.

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