Steel Shot Used In Construction Engineering

- Sep 18, 2017 -

Steel shots are the most commonly used metal abrasive products, general speaking, steel shots are manufactured by high pressure, melting. 

Steel shots have uniform size, different hardness, applied in different occasions. 

Steel shots are used in steel, machinery, equipment, metallurgical building materials industry steel rust, the advantage is: it has a rust, fast, high roughness, rust and low cost characteristics, can fully meet Rust high standards of the requirements, to overcome the manual rust and sandblasting rust efficiency is low, labor intensity defects.

   In general, the choice of shot blasting machine equipment, the choice of equipment for shot blasting machine must be scientific to ensure the smooth operation of steel shot rust

  • G40 Chinese Manufactory Steel Grit
  • Steel Grits G12
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot1.2mm for Surface Preparation
  • Steel Shot S660
  • Shot Blasting Steel Shot
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL14

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