Talking About The Advantages Of Bearing Steel Grit

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Bearing steel grit, also called angular steel grit, is a kind of grit, which is named after the sharp edges, in the course of the use of edges and corners soon be rounded, particularly suitable for removal of scale operations, it is made in the new abrasive. Let's take a look at the advantage and 

1, clean up the speed; grit with the appropriate hardness, clean up fast, and good rebound, the internal corners or complex shape of the products can be evenly and quickly clean up. Shorten the processing time, improve the processing capacity, reduce production costs.

2, long life, less consumption: less internal defects, the microstructure of the composition of the tempered martensite, strong resistance to health, long life.

3, strict quality management, material uniform; every production process are subject to strict quality management, material uniformity, can make the surface treatment work for standardization.

4, with the elimination of stress, improve the strength of the effect, bearing steel grit inside the organization closely, not broken, uniform particle size distribution, can play to eliminate stress, improve the hardness of the workpiece surface effect.

  • Steel Grit G40
  • Steel Grit Abrasives GP25
  • Shot Blasting Abrasives S390
  • Steel Shots S280
  • G80 Sandblasting Abrasive Cast Steel Grit
  • White Fused Alumina

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