The Larger The Diameter Of The Shot, The Higher The Finished Surface Roughness

- Dec 25, 2017 -

The larger the diameter of the shot, the higher the finished surface roughness. However, the working efficiency is also very high. The irregular shape of the grit or wire cut pellets is more efficient than the spherical pellets, but the surface roughness is also high. Efficient projectile wear on the device faster; just use the time to count, but compared to the production efficiency of this wear and tear is not too fast; steel hardness and cleaning speed is proportional to, but and life is inversely proportional . Therefore, the hardness of the steel shot the higher cleaning speed faster and longer, but short life expectancy, so hard should be moderate (about HRC40-50 appropriate) the best results.

The choice of steel shot, preferably moderate hardness, with excellent rebound of steel shot, to reach the clean-room every place, but also can reduce the processing time and improve work efficiency.

For the application of metal parts pretreatment, the best abrasive is steel balls, the price is reasonable, a wide range of applications, won the metal manufacturing industry's favorite. Professional steel balls manufacturers, the working principle of steel balls introduced some of the performance of steel, hope for the buyer to help.

The choice of steel balls is proportional to work efficiency, the correct choice of steel shots is the key to improving work efficiency. Correct choice of steel shot to pay attention to the following questions; determine the main shot depends on the type of workpiece you want, aluminum pills or stainless steel balls are generally used for non-ferrous metals; ordinary steel welding parts, castings, steel and so choose steel shots.

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