The Price Keep Going Up Recently, Why?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

By the national environmental governance, the metal industry production is generally limited, the upstream raw material prices are serious and out of stock, since the second half of last year, the national iron and steel smelting raw material prices, energy prices and transportation costs soared, resulting in a significant increase in production and logistics costs. 

Production costs have risen repeatedly pushed up the price of steel shots, steel grit, it is seems that this phenomenon will continue for some time, the short term will not fundamentally change.

  • Stainless Blasting Shot and Grit
  • Stainless Steel Shot for Surface Preparation
  • Surface Treatment Shot Blasting Medias S110
  • Ship Cleaning Grit Angular Steel Grit for Ship Hull Surface Treatment
  • Steel Grit GL40
  • Bearing Steel Grit GH16

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