The Relationship Between The Size And Wear Rate Of Steel Shot And The Abrasion Of Shot Blasting Machine

- Aug 01, 2017 -

It is difficult to quantify the wear rate based on the size and shape of the abrasive material under actual conditions, although it is currently being explored. Because in any environment, the size of the abrasive is always within a certain range, size, shape and orientation are not uniform, and in the wear process there are monolithic abrasive, and abrasive contact area is usually only the total area of 10 ~ 3o %. The wear rate depends not only on the size, shape and orientation of the abrasive, but also in relation to the surface properties of the material and the barrier coefficient.

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  • Shot Blasting Steel Grit GL14 for Used for Surface Pretreatment of Steel Pipes
  • Ship Cleaning Grit Angular Steel Grit for Ship Hull Surface Treatment
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