The Requirement Of Cleaning The Workpiece On The Steel Sand Steel By Shot Blasting Machine

- Aug 01, 2017 -

1. Workpiece coating, workpiece bonding pretreatment Shot Blasting can remove any dirt on the surface of the workpiece and establish a very important basic pattern (ie, the so-called hair surface) on the surface of the workpiece. Through the exchange of different sizes of abrasive, to varying degrees of roughness, greatly improving the workpiece and paint, plating the bonding force. Or make the adhesive bonding more solid, better quality.

2. Casting and forging surface, heat treatment of the workpiece after cleaning and shot blasting can clean up the casting and forging, heat treatment after the workpiece surface of all dirt (such as oxide, oil and other residues), and the workpiece surface polishing to improve the workpiece finish, So that the workpiece exposed uniform metal color, so that the appearance of the workpiece more beautiful, to beautify the decorative effect.

3. Machine parts burr cleaning and surface landscaping shot blasting can clean up the surface of the workpiece small burr, and the workpiece surface is more smooth, eliminating the burrs of harm, improve the grade of the workpiece. And shot blasting at the junction of the workpiece surface to play a small rounded, so that the workpiece is more beautiful, more sophisticated.

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