The Value Of Metal Abrasive And Selection Criteria

- Aug 01, 2017 -

The value of any abrasive is determined by the quantity, quality and expense of the workpiece processed per unit time (including abrasive, consumable and labor).

At present, some high hardness abrasives (iron pills, iron sand) on the market can also quickly clean (or strengthen), the abrasive price is also low, but these abrasive consumption is high, fragile to wear premature wear Replace the equipment wearing parts when the need to stop, increase maintenance costs), there is a very high operating costs and not be used, on the contrary, some other abrasives (such as low hardness abrasive), although there is a low consumption rate and low Price, but they have a long cleaning cycle, low productivity, waste of labor and operating time, these abrasives can not be used.

  • Shot Blasting Media Steel Shot S330 for Pre-treatment Before Painting
  • Abrasive Grain Steel Grain S460 for Surface Treatment of Steel Pipe
  • Cleaning Abrasive Sandblasting Stainless Steel Shots SUS430
  • High Quality Blasting Media Abrasive Zinc Shots Zinc Rounded Shot 0.6mm
  • Abrasive Blasting Grains White Alumina Powder Aluminum Oxide for Paint Removing
  • Glass Abrasive Media Glass Beads for Surface Treatment

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