Three Factors Determine The Life Of Stainless Steel Shots

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Stainless steel shots will be get loss dueing use because of various reason, in order to avoid the excessive use of steel shots and maintain an effective clean-up speed, steel shot manufacturers  remind you should take the hardness and density of steel balls as consideration when purchase it :

   First, the hardness of steel shots determine the life

   The hardness of the steel shot is proportional to the speed of cleaning, the higher the hardness, the faster the cleaning speed, on the contrary, the greater the consumption of steel balls will be short, steel ball production process determines the size of the steel shot is not uniform, The larger the diameter, the higher the rough surface efficiency, but the wear of the steel shot is also large.

   Second, enough density of steel shots have a stable quality

   The density of stainless steel balls is also an important factor in determining the service life of steel balls. Only steel balls of sufficient density can exhibit stable quality, and the process of cleaning can reduce rupture and wear.

   Third, the relationship between the density and life of stainless steel shots

   Through the above analysis of the hardness and density of steel balls, we remind you:

   (1) steel shot hardness and clean up the speed is proportional to life inversely proportional. So high hardness, clean up fast, but the short life of large consumption, so the hardness of steel balls should be moderate (about HRC40-50 is appropriate) to produce the most economical results.

   (2) moderate hardness, with excellent resilience, in the jet every corner can be fully cleaned to reduce the processing time.

   (3) stomata, cracks, within the hole and other internal defects will directly affect their life and will increase consumption.

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