Updated Rust Collection System

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Frandcom industrial limited is professional supplier of abrasive medias in China, mainly products including steel shots and steel grits etc, all types and OEM available.

Under current situations in China, Goverment made strictly control to enviroment protection.this is good way to ensure peoples clean air and good enviroment.So we also try our best to match this measures and do some needful in our factory.

For abrasive industrial,dust hazard is the No.1 harmful things to peoples health and enviroment.So we firstly updated our dust collection system.Although it cost too much from our account,but we believe it is good to us and enviroment.

We will try best to do some other things to provide better working conditions to our workers and staffs.All we do are for enviroment protection and better quality products available.

  • Steel Shots S230
  • Steel Cut Wire 1.2mm
  • Abrasive Medias-stainless Steel Shot
  • GL Steel Grit
  • Steel Grit GP80
  • Steel Grit GH25

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