What Are The Reasons For Abrasive Broken, How To Solve?

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Steel shots pre-broken due to the macro-defects caused by the steel, the macro-defects refers to the stomata, loose, inclusions and cracks, post-mortem is caused by the microstructure of steel balls defects. Tissue defects refers to coarse tissue, reticular carbide, retained austenite and some metamorphic products, the best microstructure should be tempered martensite, tempering troostite, uniform distribution of small carbide.

     Precautions to Prevent Abrasion Loss 1. Adjust the shot blasting equipment so that the abrasive effectively works on the work piece and at the same time avoid the useful abrasive being discharged from the shot peening or dust remover. With the workpiece away; 4. Often check the equipment for loopholes.

  • Blasting Media Steel Grit GL25
  • SUS430 Stainless Steel Shot 0.4mm
  • Abrasive Blasting Grains White Alumina Powder Aluminum Oxide for Paint Removing
  • Glass Beads for Sandblast Use
  • Steel Grit GP40
  • High Carbon Steel Shot

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